Friday, May 8, 2009

You Belong to a Simpler Time

Remember when men used to pride themselves in they way they dressed? And it wasn't considered 'metro-sexual', or 'effeminate', it was just men wanting to look sharp all the time? Well, I guess most of us aren't old enough to remember (including my self) but it begs the question of how the sartorial male died, and American masculinity took over (bbq stains on my white tee shirt- masculinity). This is something I am interested in researching and finding out. Luckily, along with old photographs to remind us of a simpler time, we have conceptual shoots like these that make me long for the return of the Dandy male. 
Photo by Giampaolo Sgura 

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Mallie Bee said...

You and me both! I wish people still "dressed up" to do everyday things. I especially hate it when I go to see a play/musical at the theater and people are wearing jeans...c'mon people..JEANS? at the theater!?

I often feel I was born in the wrong era. I miss dapper dans and society ladies.

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