Monday, May 4, 2009

And The Weather's so Breezy

Today was beautiful. Is beautiful. The weather's amazing, I just want to be outside all day. I only went to my morning class, had lunch with mom (and she bought me a Ralph Lauren shirt, sooo cute ) and now I'm hanging out with Ivette as we contemplate getting up and getting ice cream and deciding what to wear to Ave. tonight, hahaha. I went shopping all weekend and picked up everything I'm wearing here. First is the amazing Magda Berliner embroidered tweed boy blazer that I mentioned on one of the previous post that I got at the sample sale. Magda is amazing, I fell in love with the blazer when I first saw it and she basically just gave it to me. Super super happy. everything else is H&M and the driving mocs are Banana Republic. Ok, wrapping this up and enjoying some more of the sunshine :] I should have a really good Ave post tomorrow. Michelle never disappoints. 

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