Saturday, May 16, 2009

"All I want in life, is a dance partner"

These past few weeks have been crazy, but I was finally able to catch the HBO film Grey Gardens, staring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang. The story is based off of a 1975 documentary film depicting the lives of Edith Beales, aunt and first cousin to Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis. It is a beautiful story of a New York socialite mother who's fortune has run dry, and of a daughters missed opportunity. So I am no film critic, but if you haven't seen this yet, I highly recomend it. Drew Barrymore is stunning as always, and the costuming throughout the movie is just gorgeous.


Mallie Bee said...

Ive been wanting to see this movie so bad. I want to watch the original documentary also I hear its very interesting.

Shadi said...

it's definitely on my rental que. Although I've watched clips from the original and Drew has it spot on.

Anonymous said...

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