Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Are What You Love

So what happens when good style and great music take center-stage? A most unforgettable of evenings.

Once front-woman of the hit band Rilo Kiley, singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis graced Pomona with her presence last night at The Glass House. Noted for her stylish stage presence and love for vintage fashion, Jenny took the stage wearing high waisted tweed boy shorts with a matching blazer, and green plaid vest. Her sweet redish brown locks cascading from her wide brimmed fedora onto the lapel of her jacket. Although it wasn't Jenny's understadedly chic outfit that stole the show last night, as once she started singing everything else seemed to sort of melt away.

Child actress-turned singer, Jenny Lewis appeared in tons of movies including Troop Beverly Hills, and Pleasentville (and most recently as the assistant director to Bolt). In 1998 she and her friends formed the indie rock group Rilo Kiley. Since, she has contributed vocals to The Postal Service, and took off her solo career with the album Rabbit Fur Coat in 2006.

In 2008 she released her second solo album Acid Tounge and is currently on tour.

I was FINALY able to see her live last night, and my god does that woman have talent. She is one of my favorite artist and I truley consider her to be one of the last great lyricist. You know, when music actually had substance and wasn't just formulated for chart-topping-club-mega-hits?

If you haven't listened to her yet, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

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