Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cover Girl

For those of you who don't know, Running in Heels is a reality show which depicts the journey of three interns at Marie Claire magazine, which airs on the Style Network. If I had a guilty pleasure this would definitely be it. The show was slightly cheesy, and the girls were kind of ridiculous. You never know when they are fighting, or when they are friends, but still I found myself tuning in every sunday to watch (maybe feeling like I could somehow relate?) 

Tonight's season finale ended with one lucky girl landing a position at MC offered by the editor in chief herself. I won't say who it was incase you haven't been following (although I'm not sure why you would start now) but I must say Talita is my favorite :]


Jessica said...

talita is my favorite too! ashley i just want to slap and samantha i just want to shake.

Shadi said...

hahahaha, I COMPLETELY agree with you

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